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Phone Line for Security/Fire Alarm Systems

With the proliferation of DSL for high-speed Internet access in residences and small businesses, we are receiving an increasing number of reports of interference between our customers’ DSL service and alarm systems. When alarm panels have difficulty dialing out and reporting incidents in an emergency.

Introducing Z-Blocker® Alarm Panel DSL Filter

The Z-Blocker Filter is the only filter in the world designed for solely alarm systems. It isolates high-frequency DSL and HPN (Home Phone Network) signals from low-frequency voice and data communication to provide:


  • Reliable alarm panel dial-out in case of emergency or cut line, even during high-frequency disturbances not related to DSL
  • Uninterrupted DSL/HPN communication during alarm panel line seizure and incident reporting
  • Over-voltage protection, protecting alarm panel from power surges