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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) offer five additional devices as part of broad line of wireless security technology. These new commercial fire sensors include the 1165/1165H/1165HS Commercial Smoke Detectors, the 1181 post Indicator Valve, and the 1182 OS&Y Switch. All of the devices carry the UL Commercial Fire listing.

“Dealers are eager for new sensors incorporation wireless technology as well as those with a UL commercial listing,” said DMP’s Jeff Britton. “These new DMP sensors create additional opportunities to take advantage of the convenience and power of two-way wireless communications in commercial security installations.”

The smoke detector is available in three models: 1165 Smoke Detector, 1165H Smoke/Heat Detector, and 1165HS Smoke/Heat Detector and Sounder. All models include a wireless transmitter, as well as a tamper switch that sends a trouble signals if the detector is removed from its mounting base.

The model 1181 Post Indicator Valve is weatherproof and tamper-resistant wireless switch for monitoring the open position of post indicator, butterfly, and other types of fire sprinkler control valves.

The 1182 OS&Y Switch is used to monitor the open position of an OS&Y-type gate valve. The switch mounts conveniently to most valves ranging in size from ½ in to 12 inches. Both of these switches operate the external contacts of the wireless transmitter when the valve position is altered.

All of the devices are compatible with XR100 and XR500 Command Processor™ Panels using an 1100X level F Commercial Wireless Receiver. Version 203 panel software is required for full sensor functionality and to meet the UL listing.

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