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4 Ways Commercial Buildings Can Benefit From Smart Security Systems

When it comes to your business, you strive for “smart.” Smart budgeting, smart management, smart service, and of course the smartest employees you can find. Your security should be smart, too, because in today’s tech-driven and mobile-enabled world, having technologically superior and integrated security is more important than ever.

So what is a good security system for a commercial building? It’s one that not only ensures wellbeing and loss prevention, but meets you and your employees’ lifestyle demands, and provides convenience, access, and functionality for everyone involved in your operation—yourself included. The help of experienced security professionals can make all the difference in creating an environment in which everyone in your business feels safe and secure 24/7.

Here are four ways office building security systems can benefit from a smart-tech makeover.


1.   Integrate Security Systems Across Buildings

One of the most impressive benefits of smart technology in modern commercial security systems is its ability to integrate all sorts of devices into one powerful, cohesive system. As technology evolves, there is an ever-expanding arsenal of products to keep your business safe, from commercial fire alarm systems to commercial video IP solutions to commercial BDA systems. The latest generations of devices are equipped with smart features which wirelessly integrate with larger security systems and mobile devices to send life-saving mass notifications and alert you if something is wrong at your facility.

These features are created with seamless integration in mind. This not only ensures a more intuitive process for you and your employees, but also bolsters each individual element’s effectiveness by tying it into a greater and more impermeable security stronghold. Solutions that previously operated on their own can now work together to cater to the uniqueness of every property. And security professionals who know what they’re doing can ensure that the right combination of integrated smart security is in place for your specific business needs. Smart technology makes security stronger, more convenient, and more accessible than ever.


2.   Improve Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the fastest growing segments of security today, with commercial facilities being one of its largest acquirers of such systems. While once considered a more extravagant security cost, it is now much more common to see quality commercial video IP solutions integrated into commercial building security systems. User-friendly HD quality surveillance, video search, and remote monitoring are now features available to a wide range of business owners.

No matter the size of the building or space being surveilled, quality commercial video IP solutions like LaMarco’s CCTV-IP ensure clear, high-resolution images with incredible zoom capabilities and full 360-degree panoramic views. This, coupled with smart-tech’s easy-to-use software, analytics integration, and remote viewing from any device make it an invaluable addition to any commercial security system. It not only improves safety and security, but is also ideal for operational management and improving business administration.


3.   Create an Intuitive Employee Experience

When it comes to commercial building security systems, you don’t want to compromise ease of access or productivity. Office building security systems need to be secure and functional. The goal of smart security features such as commercial card access solutions, mobile access solutions, visitor management controls, and door entry and intercom solutions is to create an environment in which your business security helps rather than hinders employees, allowing everyone in your office to feel free and secure.

One of the best ways to do this is through integrated mobile smart technology solutions. Smartphones are the new door keys, video monitors, visitor logs, and more for buildings today. Cloud and mobile access provide a convenient, versatile format to make use of leading security systems that extend the security perimeter of buildings to anyone, anywhere. Security managers can more easily manage foot traffic, safety risks, and lifestyle conveniences with systems like these that are seamlessly integrated into a single platform on their phone.

Cloud and mobile access solutions give users one credential which can provide access into a variety of spaces from parking garages, buildings, and certain level-based access for specific rooms. Ultimately, these features will create a building space that is more adaptable and responsive, easier for you to maintain and your employees to work.

Whether it’s a door entry, card access, turnstiles, elevator control, gate, garage, or other barriers, smart access control solutions provide the technology needed to deliver sophisticated security for a range of applications while maintaining an intuitive and free-flowing work environment.


4.   Gain Constant Access to Trained Security Tech Professionals

And perhaps the most important element to office building safety: it has to work. Technology, while it is more reliable and user-friendly than it has ever been, can still be a fickle friend. So an integral part of your security system is the security team behind it.

LaMarco Systems is not like other providers who simply sell products that fit and then leave customers to figure out systems on their own. Our promise to our clients is that we will constantly evolve, ensuring the latest technology and innovation across customized systems, remaining dedicated to helping them manage the complexities around securing their businesses and beyond.

LaMarco has been around for over 20 years, providing security consulting, design, integration and installation to every kind of business. Our integrated solutions are versatile and tailored to your needs, and our team is always available to change and grow your security with you. Visit to learn more.